Singles (2013​-​2015)

by Baht

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released June 30, 2015


tags: metal Istanbul


all rights reserved


Baht Istanbul, Turkey

The story of Baht has begun in 2007. In 2008, the band recorded a five-song EP album. In 2009, Baht recorded their two-song second record Resurgence Hour. In 2012, Baht recorded their first full-length album My Veins, mixed & mastered by legendary metal artist Dan Swanö. Between 2013 and 2015, Baht has released three singles. In 2017, Baht released Ser as their newest sound of appealing. ... more

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Track Name: Roustabout (2014)

Believing the invisible borders of life,
Stricted judgement, applauses for the sanction,
Living eternal in the '1984',
'Till the payday will come.
Saving deposits for the worst case scenario,
The most obvious result to be expected,
We're all roustabouts in this deathful industry,
The resurgence hour about to come.

Come and take the freewill away,
Lock ourselves into numb bodies.

Doğuştan bir işçisin, bir emek mahkumu.
Yaratılmış bu sanal çevre senin değil.
Verdiğin her nefes iradesiz.
Bakınmaktan başka çaren olamaz.
Hissettiğini sandığın duygular, önceden tanımlanmış.
Yarattığını sandığın bu karakter, çoktan canlandırılmış.
Track Name: Aquarelle (2013)

The first and the most expected question comes to my mind:
Who is the creater of this art?
Who signed this ugly aquarelle?
Or where is the watermark?
Any copyright issues we need to care?
If there exists only one artist with the talent,
What could be the reason of this superiority complex?
If there's no contest in the art,
Why's there a prize at the end?
This seems like an one man show....
Many characters on the canvas,
The big brush is rubbing all over.
A disgusting color scheme rises,
Unstable paint on the fabric,
Blending, all mixing on each other,
Non-linear forms of the edges.